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Eternity Liss Brazilian Blowdry Keratin Treatment at Colour My Life LONDON Hair Salon in Lavender Hill, South London

Are you looking for a Brazilian Blowdry Treatment in the Battersea, Clapham, Wandsworth and Chelsea areas? At Colour My Life LONDON hair salon in Lavender Hill, South London we use Eternity Liss – the latest hi-tech innovation in the world of Brazilian Blowdry treatments.

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BRAZILIAN-BLOWDRY at Colour My Life LONDON, Top Hair Salon in Lavender Hill, Clapham

Eternity Liss has been developed to simultaneously repair & smooth your hair. It will condition the hair from root to tip, but what sets this system apart from the rest is that this product has been designed for all hair types – including everything from untreated hair to highly damaged, weak, coloured or even bleached hair.

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Why Eternity Liss Brazilian Blowdry Treatment?

Eternity Liss is also more technically advanced compared to traditional Brazilian Keratin Treatments where the hair has to be left untouched, unwashed and un-styled for three days after the treatment was applied. This uniquely designed treatment allows for next day rinse to save you time and also gives you longer lasting results.

Whether you are wanting to achieve a straighter look, or benefit from the deep conditioning treatment of Brazilian Keratin & retain curls/waves & be frizz free, Brazilian Keratin Treatment is how you want your hair to be.

How Does Eternity Liss Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment Work?

The Eternity Liss Acai Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment is a blend of organic acids and conditioning agents (jojoba oil, wheat germ proteins, acai berry extracts, keratin, panthenol and white clay) able to reduce the volume of any type of curly and frizzy hair (in particular coloured/bleached or damaged hair) in an efficient and long lasting manner.

This specific combination of organic substances acts on the natural protein frame in the hair fibre, modifying its volume. The treatment also strengthens the keratin present in the hair, repairing even the most damaged fibres, providing strength and softness to the hair from the roots to the tips. The final look is silky, soft and shiny with a volume reduction that can range between 70% to 90%.

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