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Talk to the fabulous team at Colour My Life LONDON, the best hair colour salon Battersea about milk_shake hair colour products and to find out about Balayage Colouring.

Balayage is a French word meaning “to sweep”. It is a free hand highlighting technique that involves the use of bleach. The technique is perfect if you are looking for a more natural appearance or ‘beachy’ effect because it follows the natural fall of your hair giving a multi tonal look and avoiding streaky or stripy hair.


Perfect for long dark hair it is often assumed that Balayage is a technique used only for blondes but this is simply not the case. You can create some really gorgeous toffee and caramel tones by using the Balayage technique. Take look at Jessica Biel, Rachel Bilson or Lily Aldridge. They are all great examples of brunettes who have had Balayage and they all look fabulous.

Beware! Blonde hair needs plenty of TLC! Yes, you can still have Balayage if you are blonde but be wary of having this technique over existing highlights as there is a risk that your hair will become over processed which will result in very dry hair that may snap. If you visit a good colourist such as Colour My Life LONDON unisex hair salon on Lavender Hill they would be aware of this and have a selection of conditioning treatments that would help to resolve this issue.


milk_shake have a huge range of colours that are perfect to use during Balayage, ask about milk_shake semi permanent colours – an excellent range as they are so rich in milk proteins that condition the hair incredibly well. The semi’s also deposit wonderful tones into the hair, anyone looking for a ‘beachy’ look or anyone wanting to kill yellow tone in their hair, milk_shake direct colour in silver, would be ideal. If you are a brunette looking for toffee or caramel tones ask your stylist about Cacao in milk_shake semi permanent range! Stunning!

High Maintanance? Not at all! The whole point of Balayage is that it will create a more natural effect even on a more ‘beachy’ look. Your colourist will follow the natural fall of your hair so your re-growth should not be so obvious as the hair and look will grow down naturally. If you prefer the more beachy, surf chic blonder look you can enjoy a slight root to show as your hair grows. Professional tip would be to make sure you are using milk_shake direct colour as a top up toner as your hair starts to feel dull.  Balayage is suitable for many hair types.


If you have fine hair Balayage Colouring will add fullness and body at the roots, if you have thick and heavy hair, the different tones that are created through the Balayage technique will help to give the appearance of movement and bounce!
We would discourage anyone from trying to perform the Balayage technique at home.  Balayage is a hairdressing art and should only be done by a professional colourist who has trained in this. It is a speedy technique but it requires skill and an indepth understanding of hair, particularly in order to protect fragile hair. What can be done at home is an application of milkshakes direct colour supplied by your colourist as a top up toner if necessary. Your colourist at Colour My Life LONDON unisex hair salon, SW11 would advise you on this product.

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