Hair Colour Correction

Hair Colour Correction Services at Colour My Life LONDON Salon in Clapham

Have you had a home dye colour disaster or a hair colour disaster elsewhere? Don’t panic – the highly trained team of colour technicians at Colour My Life LONDON have got you covered.

Hair Colour Correction at Colour My Life LONDON Hair Salon in Lavender Hill, Clapham

Simply pop into our hair salon in the Battersea, Clapham and Wandsworth area for a consultation and let our hair colour experts assess the damage. Let us work to put a plan of action to correct your hair colour and improve its appearance.

Hair Colour Correction Services Near You





Remember – you don’t need to be embarrassed to come in with any hair colour problems. Colour My Life LONDON has been open 7 days a week since 2013, and has seen and corrected many hair colour disasters in this time. We are the hair colour correction experts in Battersea, South London!

Common Hair Colour Problems

From over beaching to hair that turned brassy or yellow – we assess the condition and put a plan of action and prescribe the perfect solution. We are well equipped and experienced to restore your hair colour to its best condition and prevent further hair problems.

Attempting to correct your hair colour at home may seem more cost effective, but this often ends in disaster. Let Colour My Life LONDON in South London hair experts ‘fix’ your hair colour.

Repairing Over-Processed & Dry Hair 

Hair that is over-processed can be dry and brittle, and appear dull and lifeless. This may due to over exposure to the sun, sea or chlorine. We can colour hair that is dry and damaged, leaving your hair vibrant in colour with a beautiful condition.

The first step to restore your hair is to replenish the moisture that has been lost. We have several products available to help your hair return to its healthy, vibrant state. Click here to find out more about our range of luxury hair treatments at Colour My Life LONDON.

Improving Uneven Hair Tones 

Colouring your hair at home can be difficult –  that is why we advise you to leave it to the experts at Colour My Life LONDON hair stylists in South London.

Our colour experts have years of experience and can offer a full assessment of your hair’s colour and textures to ensure that you get the best colour and result. Colouring your hair at home may result in uneven hair tones and bands of colour overlapping through your hair. We can correct these uneven layers or hair colour that is too brassy or yellow.

We will assess each part of your hair and talk you through what we can do to correct your hair problem. This will mean dealing with each strand of hair separately using individual techniques, colours and tones on each section of the hair.

Book Your Hair Colour Correction Appointment at Colour My Life LONDON Hair Salon in Battersea, South London

Call our hair colour experts at Colour My Life LONDON salon in Wandsworth, Battersea, Clapham, Chelsea, South London on 020 7924 6823 to book your hair colour correction hair appointment.