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Hair Colour Services at Colour My Life LONDON Hair Salon in Clapham

It’s no secret that having your hair coloured professionally can really help to alter the way you look and feel. Whether you’re looking to cover stubborn grey hairs, get the latest fashion hair colour, have a full head of highlights or correct a hair colour disaster – a visit to the team of highly qualified colour technicians at Colour My Life LONDON hair salon in Lavender Hill, Clapham South London is a must!

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Please note: all new clients must have a skin test 48 hours prior to appointment.


We are proud suppliers of GOLDWELL hair colour – which we use to create some beautiful, bespoke colour combinations and results. At Colour My Life LONDON, our passion for quality is at the forefront of everything we do. Once you have had a consultation with your Colour My Life LONDON colour technician and have agreed upon your desired look, the hair colouring process can begin! 

GOLDWELL Hair Colour Services

From high-performance permanent colour to gentle tonings and grey hair coverage  – we have everything you need for beautiful hair colour results at our salon in Lavender Hill, Clapham. Unsure what hair colour service is right for you? Choose from;

Goldwell Hair Colour at Colour My Life LONDON, Top Hair Salon in Lavender Hill, ClaphamNEW Goldwell @Pure Pigments

Using the latest Goldwell @Pure Pigments hair colour, we can add vibrant fashion colours to your hair which looks reflective and shiny. @Pure Pigments contains the latest ingredients which allow us to create a moving, 3D effect that changes and morphs as light hits it. For vivid tones, ask for Pure Yellow, Pure Orange, Pure Red, or Pure Violet, and for softer looks consider Pearl Blue and Matte Green.


Goldwell Hair Colour at Colour My Life LONDON, Top Hair Salon in Lavender Hill, ClaphamGoldwell Elumen

Elumen is ideal for CML London clients who seek dramatically bold hair colour. And, unlike many other permanent hair colour lines, the Elumen series achieves vivid and memorable hair colour with long-lasting results that don’t fade away quickly. Best of all? It is ammonia-free and non-oxidative and leaves the hair incredibly shiny.



Goldwell Hair Colour at Colour My Life LONDON, Top Hair Salon in Lavender Hill, ClaphamGoldwell TopChic

The TopChic series from Goldwell delivers a wide range of colours from cool and classic shades to deep and TopChic is known to provide unmatched grey hair coverage and evenness in colour application; from regrowth to the ends. TopChic is also very gentle on the hair without sacrificing it’s durability, lasting wash after wash and week after week.





Goldwell Hair Colour at Colour My Life LONDON, Top Hair Salon in Lavender Hill, ClaphamGoldwell Colorance

The Colorance series is a dynamic demi-permanent colour process that actually repairs hair as it enhances its natural colour. It refreshes coloured bases, and provides up to 50% gray coverage using a Goldwell-patented IntraLipid technology. This is a very popular choice for our CML London  stylists looking to alter the colour without the using a permanent colour.




Hair Colour Application Techniques 

There are many hair colouring techniques available at our hair salon in South London – and we pride ourselves on being on the forefront of the very latest methods and techniques. Depending on your circumstances, there are many hair colour techniques including;

Full Head Hair Colour & Colouring Grey Hair

Full head hair colours are perfect for those wanting just one single, block hair colour covering all of the hair. It’s also the best way to colour and cover those stubborn greys. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean permanent hair dyes, as semi permanent hair dyes and toners can also produce some fantastic results when it comes to hair colour coverage.

Balayage Hair Colour

Balayage is often referred to as a ‘freehand technique’ because no foil or meche are used to create these bespoke, natural looking highlights. It is applied on the surface of your hair and not saturated through the section until the very tips, in order to create a very subtle, sophisticated look.

Our team of expert colourists at Colour My Life LONDON will be able to advise you on the most suitable colour four skin tone and overall look. Balayage pretty much works for all lengths of hair, except perhaps very short cropped hair. But best of all? It’s totally bespoke to you. The balayage experts at our hair salon in Clapham and Battersea area will be able to place the colour to suit your skin tone so it’ll look amazing and really light up your features.

Highlights and Lowlights

Using foils to add highlights or lowlights to hair is often regarded as one of the most natural looking hair colour techniques. By applying multiple colours and shades to a few strands of hair at a time, we can create a multi tonal, three dimensional hair colour. Highlights are perfect for creating those sun kissed hues, honey blondes and ash blonde colours. Lowlights really add depth to hair colour and can be used to create some subtle but striking hair colours.


Highlights and lowlights can be applied using foils. Strips of foil in varying lengths and widths are used as a framework for individual strands of hair to be placed onto the foils and the hair colour applied. A varying number of foils can be used and are usually broken down as follows:

Full Head Foils: Foil hi-lites or low-lites are placed throughout the whole head of hair. This is perfect for those who want all over even hair colour coverage and also for those who wear their hair in upstyles regularly. So, if you’re a gym bunny or someone who wears their hair up for work you might want to consider full head foil highlights or lowlights so that the hair colour is uniform all over.

Half-Head Foils: Foil high lights or low lights are placed generally around the crown area covering half the head. This will leave either your natural colour underneath or an all over tint. Half head foil highlights or lowlights is the most popular choice when it comes to foil highlights.

Partial Foils: Usually this is up to 8 foil highlights or lowlights placed in the hair. Typically concentrated in one area like the fringe or a popular choice for men’s hair colour. Partial foils can be used to create some dramatic colour injections in specific areas.

Hair Colour Correction at Colour My Life LONDON Salon Battersea, Wandsworth and Clapham Area

Many people think hair colour is easy to recreate at home and can be done using shop-bough boxed colours. But whilst it may be cheap to buy at first, what happens when that hair colour goes wrong?

Attempting to colour your hair at home can cause costly damage to your hair by overlapping colour and causing noticeable bands of hair colour to appear. Even all-over colour should always be recreated in a professional salon for the best possible results. Click here to find out more about our hair colour correction service.

What our clients say

141 reviews with an average rating of 4.9
Salon Review
Lena did my full head of highlights and did an amazing cut after. She really listened to what I wanted and gave great advice on how short to go and also how to take the weight out of my hair. Lena also took the time to explain the different toners and I felt like it was a very personal experience. I felt great leaving. I will definitely book with Lena again!
Salon Review
Always happy with colour and cut!!
Salon Review
Natalie Panto
I had a wonderful experience at Colour My Life. I was the last appointment of the day and had A LOT of hair to balayage. Lena took a lot of time and care making sure she knew exactly what I was after. Treatment and toner is included in the price if required. The final result was perfect and a lovely cut too. I would recommend this place to anyone and will certainly be back.
Salon Review
Always a great experience at Colour My Life. The girls are lovely and always do a fantastic job with my blonde!
Salon Review
Miss H M Aldridge
Perfect colour for my wedding day
Salon Review
Best full head of highlights always here. Excellent coverage and colour. Always give good advice on the blonde colour and blend. Colour my life is a gem in south London in comparison to a lot of rubbish chains about who are over priced.
Salon Review
Lucy Connor
Nice staff, love my highlights
Salon Review
Really happy with the colour!