Keeping Up With Your Hair Colour – Highlights, Glosses & Toners Explained

Hair Colouring Techniques at Colour My Life LONDON Hair Salon in Clapham & Battersea

At Colour My Life LONDON we offer a number of different hair colouring techniques in our Clapham & Battersea hair salon, and with so many amazing hair colour techniques available it can be a little overwhelming as to what each service entails. Here, we break down some of the most popular hair colour techniques so – including highlights, toners and colour glossing.

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Areas our salon covers..





Adding colour to your hair with highlights

hair colour at colour my life hair salonHighlights are a great low maintenance colouring technique and a great way of adding dimension and tonality to hair. Added either in foils or applied directly onto the hair in a freehand technique, highlights offers bespoke hair colouring with the placement of foils being exactly where you want it. 

Hair glossing treatments

hair colour at colour my life hair salonA hair colour gloss works in much the same way as a lip gloss does – it enhances the colour below so it looks beautifully glossy and shiny. Nervous about having your hair colour but fed up of having dull, drab locks? This colouring technique can be applied as a clear gloss so will not change your hair colour. Colour glosses are a really good way to add shine to your hair, especially if you have a balayage or ombre.


hair colour at colour my life hair salonToners are often applied to blonde hair to get rid of unwanted brassy yellow or orange tones in the hair. They can cancel or correct the colours that are brought out during a lightening process. Toners are only temporary and need to be topped up regularly if you want to keep your blonde looking ashy and cool.

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