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Olaplex Hair Treatments at Colour My Life LONDON Salon in Battersea, South London

Yes we all know that anything J-Lo and Kim K touch turns to gold – so it’s no shock to us that the beauty world was overjoyed when they announced the secret to their shiny manes – a product called Olaplex.

How else do you think the infamous Kardashian went platinum blonde and back to brunette in a week without frying her locks? The single-ingredient wonder has created quite the buzz in recent months as it claims to reverse the damage that’s been done to your hair due to years of heat contact and hair colouring and shield it from further deterioration.

Does it live up to the mark? Is it truly as revolutionary as the hype suggests?

The chemistry between us: what is Olaplex?

We have clients who began dying their hair at the age of 16; the first time and since then have gone on to dye their hair countless times. The toll it has taken on hair is quite evident.

Oiling, protein treatments, velvet treatments — you name it and many ladies have probably tried it. They don’t nurture their hair as much as they should unfortunately, perhaps due to lack of time, understanding of the damage that’s being caused to their hair.


We have clients who have said ‘I never follow up and go for a hair treatment again at my regular salon because they don’t seem to last 5 minutes so I can’t be bothered’. That’s because those treatments work on a superficial level, only making your hair look healthy on the surface. Olaplex, on the other hand, claims to work on a cellular level, in a way that it revitalizes your dull hair from the inside out.

In short, Olaplex is the full-throttle cousin of a deep conditioning treatment which repairs broken sulfur bonds in your hair structure that have been broken down due to chemicals, mechanical force and heat being applied. It bonds and seals your hair, a first of it’s kind.

It can be used as part of colour routine, that is mixed with the hair dye to minimize damage or used as an independent treatment to nourish the hair.

Saba Khan, the cosmetic aesthetician running Curl Up & Dye, explains: “Sadly, the culture in salons here is very different to the one they have overseas. The integrity of a client’s hair doesn’t mean much but this product, it’s almost like hair insurance; it’s about doing your client a favour and yourself a favour — if someone wants to go drastically light with their hair colour, I refuse to do it without Olaplex!”

“You can go blonde, you can go white, you can do whatever you want to your hair now without worrying it’s going to become lackluster!”

What makes it all the more legitimate is the fact that it’s not just the brainchild of a stylist but the perfect marriage of a chemist, Craig Hawker, and a beauty-industry entrepreneur, Dean Christal, coming together to create something that will transform the hair industry as we know it.

If you’d like to know more about Olaplex damaged hair treatment and live in London area get in touch with us at Colour My Life LONDON on 020 7924 6823.

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