Festival Hairstyles to Try This Summer

CML London Hair Salon in Clapham Share The Coolest Festival Hair Ideas for 2019

Festival season has arrived! If you’re heading off to some music festivals this summer and fancy trying out some cool hairstyles, check out these festival hairstyles you’ll want to try in 2019 from CML London salon in Clapham

Festival Hair Inspiration

Pastel Hair Colours for Festivals

Pastel FestivalIf you want to make a bold hair colour statement at a festival this year, ask your CML London hair colour technician whether your hair would look great with a pastel hair colour. Pastel shades work brilliantly on light hair – but we can also advise you on some gorgeous hair colours for dark hair too.











Braided Festival Hairstyles

Festival BraidsPerhaps the most popular festival hairstyle is a braid. Your plaits can be as simple or as intricate as you wish… Braids are brilliant at the beginning of the festival because you can take them out after a day or two and have pretty wavy hair! Equally, if your hair is looking a little greasy, simply pull it back into a pretty plait. Make sure you have some dry shampoo handy, too!





Festival Hair with Glitter

Glitter RootsFor an on-trend festival hairstyle, simply add some glitter to your roots or parting! This works on a multitude of hairstyles including space buns, braids, tumbling waves. Whatever hairstyle you fancy this summer, make sure you book your appointment at our hair salon in Lavender Hill, Clapham.






Festival Hair Flowers & Jewels 

Festival JewelsLet the carefree festival vibe carry through to your hairstyle.  Try some flowers in your hair, a floral crown ring or headband, or some funky jewelled hair grips to add glamour!












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