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Kevin Murphy Hair Salon Products at Colour My Life LONDON Hair Salon in Battersea, South London

The Kevin Murphy range of hair salon products available from Colour My Life LONDON London SW11 are made with essential oils, plant extracts and natural antioxidants. What’s more they are sulfate free, paraben free and all packages are recyclable and biodegradable.

Today’s product is a little bit different. We’ve had a lot of clients in our salon recently who have told us they love that we stock and use Kevin Murphy hair salon products. Some of our clients have found us online and booked an appointment with Colour My Life LONDON simply because we retail and use sulfate free, paraben free and cruelty free products. For the past few months and since we were introduce to Kevin Murphy hair salon products, we have really enjoyed working with a line that believes in sustainability, being as eco-conscious as possible, but still working in a fashion forward environment with products that work and give hair hold. It’s everything we could possibly wish for at CML hair salon London!

We’ve been getting lots of calls and questions lately about the brand itself, so thought we’d post a full profile on everything to do with Kevin.Murphy. I

We want you to know all the benefits of this great line and what the brand as a whole represents, not just every individual product.

Kevin Murphy is first and foremost a professional line. With lasting hold, strong support and ingredients that do exactly as they say, each product is salon grade and for the stylist who’s ready to do serious work – the brand operates with integrity, you will never see a product in a superstore.  Each product goes straight from Kevin.Murphy to a trusted distributor who give free advise on application and use, such as our team at CML unisex hair salon, London.

The line is surprisingly small. And that is because the team at Kevin.Murphy doesn’t see a need in keeping products on a salon shelf that don’t work or aren’t sold. Because each product has a benefit list of at least 2-3 items, the complete product line has something for every hair type and concern. So you’ll only need to take home a couple products to keep your hair in the best shape possible. This all culminates in less waste, less clutter under your bathroom sink of products you don’t use and less confusion for you when trying to find a product regimen for your hair!

Kevin.Murphy is sulfate and paraben free. Not only does this guarantee beautiful, shiny, healthy hair because of the lack of harsh detergents that strip colour and suck out moisture, but it also means you are taking care of your body’s health. There are conflicting studies on how harmful these ingredients are, but it is certain that parabens do get into your bloodstream through skin absorption and it’s unknown how harmful that can be over time. Though is has been suggested that repeated use can be more harmful. I don’t know about you, but if these ingredients will dry out my hair, take away the shine, dull my color AND are being absorbed into my blood and I have no idea how that will affect me… I’m going to opt to not use them.

Products are made with pure essential oils and plant based ingredients. Because we’ve met clients with perfume sensitivities, the fact that KM uses essential oils is huge. I never have to worry about someone not loving the scent! I also love the plant based ingredients because each plant was grown and harvested in a sustainable way,creating for a better process of providing quality products. Instead of harsh chemicals in a factory, Kevin.Murphy gets their ingredients from the soil.

To book an appointment for a free hair consultation and to benefit from Kevin Murphy Hair Salon Products London call our salon, open 7 days a week for men, women and children, until late – yes – even on Sunday on 020 7924 6823.


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