Top Trending Hairstyles for Men in 2017


What Men’s Hair Colours & Styles Are Trending in 2017 at Colour My Life LONDON Hair Salon in Battersea & Clapham

Wondering which gents’ hairstyles and hair colours are trending so far in 2017? In a recent poll*, dozens of hair salons across the UK were asked which hairstyles men are asking for as we enter 2017.

If you see a hair cut, style or colour you like below – bring in a picture (or show us one on your phone!) so we can create the perfect men’s hairstyle for you! You can book your hair appointment by calling our hair salon in Battersea and Clapham on 020 7924 6823.

Top Trending Hair Colours & Hairstyles for Men 2017 

Geek Chic Hair Cuts for Men

Surfer Blonde Hair Colours for Gents

Tousled Hair Trend for Men

Well-Groomed Men’s Hair Styles

*Poll carried out by Salon Guru, hair & beauty website & online marketing experts, in January 2017.  httpss://