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SW11 Hair Salons are in abundance but for a really professional haircut, restyle, treatments and perhaps a bit of  colour too, visit CML on Lavender Hill, – open 7 days a week until late and just a short walk from both Clapham South and Junction tube stations.

Your hair image is important whatever you do and if you’re comfortable with the cut and style you’ve chosen it makes you feel all the more confident whether it’s for work, going out and especially for those special occasions – a wedding, a party or an interview!

If you are conscious about good grooming and your appearance matters a lot to your career and lifestyle – whether you’re a guy, a gal or reaching retirement age – choosing a good hair stylist is a must.


Once you have found the right stylist it can often turn into a solid professional relationship that can last for a long, long time. How many times has a friend or relative told you they’ve visited the same hairdresser for 10 years or even 20 years!

Here are some tips when seeking your new hair stylist.

Free Hair Consultation

If a salon provides a free hair consultation, make full use of the opportunity to show photos of cuts that you really like and find out whether they will suit your hair and lifestyle. A good tip is to pay close attention to the way the hair stylist looks. Experienced hair stylists usually have their distinctive personal style but are calm and not easily distracted from their client.

Having talked to you and after asking a number of questions, the stylist should work with your hair to get a better concept of its texture and weight. The stylist should have several suggestions about style and care that will work well for you. And by the way, you should always feel very relaxed and comfortable with your prospective new stylist.


During the first hair consultation, you should discuss fees for hair salon services and the recommended time between appointments, for example 6 weeks.

Hair Stylist Training

It’s also advisable to ask about the stylist’s training as unfortunately a lot of hair stylists have spent 6 months to a year in a beauty school and gained very little experience. There are hair stylists who have worked in budget salons who learned from video or watching more experienced stylists cut hair and after just a few months were already working with clients, not necessarily to the right standard. If post school training is completed in a more established hair salon, the hair stylist may well have worked as an assistant for 12 months, focusing on shampooing and drying hair and learning from hair professionals.

Whatever the pattern of training, it’s important for practicing stylists to go to seminars or work with in-house trainers. New products and new trends are the industry norm, and stylists require steady continuing education.

This is what Joe Gordon has to say 🙂

“It’s not just about the hair cut and colour on the appointment day at Colour My Life LONDON. Every one of our clients has to feel comfortable with their new look and to be able to manage their hair style once they get home.  We’re always on hand to provide a detailed free hair consultation before a hair cut or colour begins so as to understand our client’s life style, preferences and even the shape of their face and colour of their skin.  We also talk them through easy to manage blow dry techniques and recommend options for hair care products that will keep hair looking healthy and shiny.  Every client has to feel really good when they leave our salon and the visit was well worth it. That feel good factor really means as much to us as it does our clients!”


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